Adding a Greenhouse to Your Property

Adding a Greenhouse to Your Property

August 15, 2017

This article goes out to our horticulture fans, our readers and customers who can appreciate the green thumb. We don’t consider ourselves gardening experts on the VIC Underpinners team, but we do consider ourselves experts on building strong foundations for your homes, and any additions that you may want to add further down the line. The additions that our customers have asked about cover a broad spectrum. We like to think that the requests we receive, are just as diverse as the customers that we’re lucky enough to work with. And building a greenhouse, is definitely in the mix of requests that we receive.

Greenhouses are a bit of a different beast than your average home. They have specifications that are necessary for their success. After all, a greenhouse shrouded without light would not be very conducive to long-living plants. Nor would a greenhouse that was adjacent to water so that all sorts of plant and animal life hung out in the vicinity. Today, VIC Underpinners covers Greenhouse 101.

The first question that comes to mind when planning, may well be size. Experts say that you should plan for the largest possible greenhouse that your plot of land will allow. This is because for any avid gardener, the space accorded to you will feel too small way too quickly. It’s also far easier to plan for your greenhouse up front, versus expanding on an existing greenhouse later.

Size goes hand-in-hand with location. Think about the natural ingredients that will nurture successful plant life. You definitely want sunlight to shine directly into it, so make sure that you don’t build your greenhouse near any overhanging trees or adjacent buildings. Hidden tip? If you align your greenhouse so that the longest side faces the south of your property, you’ll maximize its exposure to sunlight, even in the middle of the coldest winter. The only downside is that the heat of the summer sun will be very strong, so you should probably also invest in window shades, so that you’re set up for success all year round.

Did you know that you can buy greenhouse kits at many building supply centers? A kit will provide all of the modular pieces that you need to build your dream greenhouse, like doors and hinges. This will save you time and energy, but the kits are often more expensive than building from scratch. A common misconception is that the hard work is done when the kit arrives. Unfortunately we need to dispel this myth, you’ll still need to put everything together.

As you may imagine, a proper foundation is a priority to VIC. You probably have seen greenhouses built straight to the ground, without any foundation. In our humble opinion, this feels less permanent. We recommend that you look into gravel or concrete options. Both absorb excess water and provide a clean look.

Questions? Comments? Please reach out. The VIC Underpinners team would love to hear from you.