August Home News

August Home News

August 15, 2020

Welcome (back) to the VIC Underpinners blog. We’re happy to either greet you for the first time or welcome you back with open arms. One of the joys of our business is our community and in the year 2020, the community has never been more important. It’s a broad term and it can mean the person sitting next to you or a giant group of friends across the country. Either way and every way in between, count the VIC Underpinners team in. Friends love to share information and they love to treat each other with respect. We take pride in doing both. We’re open and transparent, not only about the products and services we offer but about solving the problems that you may have. In fact, we don’t like to look at them as problems… we look at structural damage that you may have sustained over the years as opportunities. And we’re here to solve them. But, that’s not the purpose of today’s post. Today, we default to one of our favourite traditions – our monthly round-up of home news. Read on for some of our best finds this month:

Rxr and Tishman Face Liens From Contractors Over Unpaid Bills

As you can imagine, costs are mounting for a lot of projects, some of which have been stalled for months, and may continue to be. That’s no fun for any of the parties involved; If you’re a homeowner and your financial situation has changed, it’s an additional level of stress. If you’re a contractor or a builder, you’re not receiving money for the services provided and that’s always a tough conversation. In this particular scenario, it ended poorly and many construction experts are suing those who can’t pay for work right now. It’s a hard but honest read. Not sure how to handle situations like this? Just have the conversation. And do it early. You may be looking at additional costs down the line like interest accrued, but you’re also nurturing the relationship and the vendor partner will appreciate knowing how and when you’ll be able to compensate them. Visit this link for more information.

14 Landscaping Features That Can Hurt Your Home Value

Landscaping can be a tricky conversation or brainstorming topic. You need to set realistic expectations for your property – look, timeline, costs, etc. If you don’t, you will most likely be disappointed and spend more money, time and stress when you should be enjoying your personal Great Outdoors. Also, landscaping contributes to the value of your home, so you want to be smart and strategic about the decisions that you make. That’s why we wanted to share this article, as a cautionary tale as to what you shouldn’t do. Visit this link for more information.

Gardens and Squares: 10 Examples of Small-Scale Landscaping in Brazil

A trend in landscaping and home design in general right now is living smaller. It has a lot of benefits, especially if you look at the growth of the “tiny home” business – you can be on the road and traveling, your bills are a lot smaller and the maintenance is a lot lower. While this article doesn’t cover tiny home living, it does look at designing landscaping – specifically in Brazil – on a much smaller scale. Visit this link for more information.

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