Basement- The Underpinning Investment That Makes Cents

Underpinning- The Investment That Makes Cents

February 28, 2017

Let’s first take a moment to acknowledge our punny title. An added bonus when you work with VIC Underpinners? Award-winning sense of humor, all around. That aside, today’s post about basement space is one that will benefit your wallet, above anything else.

Your home is a money pit, there are no two ways around it. When you make the big step towards owning a home, it’s one that is not taken lightly. Expenses associated don’t end when you sign on the dotted line and first cross the threshold. Instead, they continue –  and potentially increase – throughout your life, and beyond. Some are obvious and expected. These include the initial purchase, the design, the regular maintenance that is unavoidable. Others fall into the “rainy day fund” that never seems to have enough money in it. These have a direct correlation with variables like the ever-powerful Mother Nature, as well as the freedom to make aesthetic updates when you please.

But it’s not all bad news. And that’s what today’s post is about. Today we focus on the expenses that ultimately, pay for themselves. Today we focus on the expenses that generate increased value for your property. There are many of these- the bright silver lining on the horizon, but we’re going to focus on the home renovation expense that is the most near and dear to our hearts- underpinning!

Underpinning is not just a benefit because it reinforces the foundation of your home. That’s a given. We will never stop touting its benefits. With a firm foundation, you avoid many smaller expenses, and a lot of avoidable maintenance. Rather, underpinning and digging deeper into the foundation of your property, allows a vast increase in square footage!

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. There is an upward trend in the popularity of basement spaces in homes throughout Melbourne and beyond. The sky is the limit (yes, yes, another pun), when it comes to what you can do with this additional space. Thinking of growing your family? This is the perfect opportunity to put in a nursery or additional bedroom. Exploring a new hobby like working out or learning about wine? Again, an ideal place to put in a home gym or cellar. The VIC Underpinning blog explores these opportunities in more depth, in this post. You can learn more here.

Australia’s building codes are cracking down on uses of space within your property, so building a basement may be the perfect way to circumvent red tape and stressful conversations with these councils. This article in The Australian agrees. Sydney architect Michael MacCormick has worked with many families who have benefitted from the addition of this space. As noted in this article, He says the trend for basements will continue to grow. “It’s going to happen more and more as people want more space or more people to live in the house.”

VIC Underpinners is dedicated to providing our valued customers, the solutions that make the most sense for you. Give us a call and let us see how we can help you make the most of your home.