Challenge Accepted: $5000 Budget for Home Renovations

Challenge Accepted: $5000 Budget for Home Renovations

November 15, 2017

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest roadblocks to completing home renovations is your budget. It doesn’t matter how comfortable your lifestyle is, it’s more the mystery of what the dollar amount should be. The majority of contractors are working with their own agenda, so while their prices may be competitive, you wouldn’t know unless you took the time to do a cross-industry comparison. This is why far too many of our valued customers put off home renovations that they know that they’re excited about. So today, VIC Underpinners is throwing a dart at the money board. We’ve picked $5000. And we’re covering exactly what this will get you, when renovating your whole house.

Let’s start with the bedroom. You spend more than 30% of your time there, more if you’re a healthy sleeper, so there is no use in cutting corners here. Yes, the room should be dark in the evening and through the night, so that you get as many hours of sleep as possible. But once the sun is up, you should be aware of it. Skylights cost about $1,000. They’re a great source of light, a great regulator of mood and sleep patterns, and they don’t break the bank. Depending on the style of the design of your home, they can even add sustainability tax costs and cost breaks. Wallpaper and painting run about $500 and can be a “nice to have”. Unless of course, you’re still putting off covering that crayon work of art by the kids, that’s still sitting on the wall in the corner. Finally, furniture. What’s the number one piece of furniture in your bedroom? That would be your bed. Prices here run the gamut, but don’t buy anything more than $3000, unless you’re searching for vintage antiques.

Bathrooms can be another challenge when it comes to home renovations. While tiling can be beautiful and unique, it can also be expensive. So, take a good, hard, long look at where tiles can provide great, value-adding accents. We recommend that you stick with the floor and potentially think about decorative strips on one or more of the walls. Better uses of cash are replacing taps, towel racks, toilet paper holders and light fixtures. For every bathroom project, make sure that you’re doing your research on the stores available to you. Bargain hunting can be a great way to cut the price by half and source rare finds.

VIC tends to be pretty passionate about the foundation and the façade of your home. Refreshing will up the value of your home, and ensure that it’s far more comfortable. Painters charge $15-$45 per square meter for base coats and can help with extra, custom treatments. You could redo the entirety of a single-level home for under your $5000 budget.

Finally, let’s talk about the heart of the home. We’re talking about the kitchen. When it’s smaller, so is your budget, but that also means you need to be more creative with the space. Our recommendations to stretch your budget include checking out second-hand or budget Websites for unique and cost-effective updates to your fixtures and tiling.

Questions? Comments? Give us a shout. We’d love to help make your house, a home.