Why Choose VIC

Why Choose VIC Underpinners?

August 16, 2016

No matter what industry you’re looking at, be in baking tarts or teaching the next generation of youth, competition will most likely be present. It doesn’t matter if your business is the far and away winner, or if you’re hanging on by the scruff of your neck, it’s healthy for it to be a part of the equation.

The team behind VIC Underpinners takes healthy competition very seriously. We like to think of ourselves as our own biggest competition, trying to beat ourselves year over year. When you work with our team, you can be sure of several things, one being that we are always trying improve and beat our best.

So what are the several other things that you can expect? Why should you choose our team over the other qualified candidates in the Melbourne area? Here are a few qualities you can assume that we’ll bring to the table, a few things that set our team apart:

Transparent communication– We’re talking about several different types of communication here; with our customers, with each other, with our competitors and with our government and business partners. When we nurture these relationships properly, take care of them like they mean something to us, then everyone wins. This means that when you have questions, we will be quick to answer them. When you want to learn about the process, or about our products, you will have a designated team member who is always happy to assist. We will respond in the medium that you prefer, as often as requested. Let’s start a meaningful conversation together.

Years of Experience– As noted in our About page, our team brings decades of experience to the table. We’re Master Builders who are totally certified to help with your residential and commercial underpinning needs. The size and type of your property doesn’t matter, we’ve most likely seen something just like it before. Our years of experience mean that there is no situation that will phase us, no situation that we would walk away from.  You can rely on us to solve the most complicated challenges.

The Right Network- Both of the aforementioned elements have helped us build a valuable network of partners and advocates. There are many more players involved in the underpinning process than you probably realize. These are conversations that your time is too valuable for. You shouldn’t have to spend hours on the phone, agreeing to complicated property legislation or jumping through hoops to make sure your property is up to code. You shouldn’t have to research different vendors and distributors of materials around the country and around the world to ensure that everything sourced limits our carbon footprint and ensures a lifelong underpinning job.

This is the tip of the iceberg, but the underlying quality within each of these areas is our passion and enthusiasm for what we do. And at the end of the day, that’s what is the most important isn’t it—that we love what we do and that we want to share it with you.