Choosing a Contractor 101

Choosing a Contractor 101

April 15, 2019

There are many different characters in your life, and they all play different roles. Some are the good guys… they make your life easier and more memorable. They help you and support you. Some are the villains or the bad guys. They make your life more difficult and a lot of the time, they set you back from goals you were trying to achieve or big changes in your lives. Well, let’s clear up something first – the team at VIC Underpinners are the good guys and always will be. We have your back in all things related to your home, but moreover, we will be there 24/7, 365 days a year as your partners and friends. That’s part of the reason why we started this blog. We knew that our customers have questions and want to learn, especially as they make the investment in the foundation of their homes. So, on a regular basis, we get together and want to contribute content to this site that you’ll find interesting and engaging. And today, that means the best qualities to look for in your contractor.

We’re talking about contractors for all sorts of projects around your home and your lives, not just related to your foundation. And this brings us back to the characters in your life and whether we can file them under “good guys” or “bad guys.” Contractors should always be good guys and these are the characteristics that you should look for:

  • Someone who is upfront with you. Contractors should always offer to come to your home and see the body of the work in-person, so that they can properly assess. They should then be able to quickly and easily level set on what kind of work you’re looking at, so that you can decide whether or not to move forward with it.
  • Someone who doesn’t waste your time. This is in your best interests and his or hers. When you draw out these projects more than you need to, resentment is formed on both sides of the fence and that does not a good partnership make.
  • Someone who follows through. If your contractor agrees to complete a body of work, they need to stick to their scope. They need to finish on time and at the highest level of quality.

Conversely, if you learn about any of the following, recommend that you go a different route with your contractor:

  • Someone who dodges your calls or communications. Yes, they’re busy, but so are you. Tell your contractor how important you feel that updates are and in what ways you’d like to receive them.
  • Someone who doesn’t show up consistently. This isn’t just about showing up on-time, this is about sending in a different crew every day. This will only make you feel uncomfortable, as you have more and more people around your home.
  • Someone who does not show up with respect. They deserve it and you do too. With respect comes trust and if they’re not respectful, how can you expect to trust them to work on your home.

Questions? Let us know. And thanks for stopping by the VIC Underpinners blog.