Cleaning Up After the Holidays

Cleaning Up After the Holidays

December 29, 2017

The presents have all been opened. The parties have all been had. Your uncles, your aunts, your grandparents and the kids have hopefully enjoyed an opulence of food, drink, festivity and love as you’ve told your favourite tales of the year. Here at the VIC Underpinners, we sure enjoyed our fair share. We’re all a little bit more rotund, a little bit jollier, some of us with some great tales from our family experiences.

So that’s why it’s our unfortunate duty to talk about what happens after your holiday festivities are over. Yes, we know that New Years Eve and Day are still ahead. We’re looking forwards to them greatly. So we definitely do not want you to have to go into the new year unequipped. If you couldn’t tell from our previous post, we’re waxing lyrical about how much we appreciate our valued customers. You’ve been our reason for getting up in the mornings, the drive behind our passion to do what we do, each and every day. This is why we’re particularly dedicated to ensuring that your holiday season is a clean one, a simple one, one where you can focus on the important things at hand. No matter how easy or difficult 2017 was for you and yours, we’re here to lay the groundwork for an amazing 2018.

Yes, that’s correct; this does lead to some housework. There’s a very valuable week in-between Christmas (if you celebrate it) and the New Years. We call this the ideal timeframe to make amends with friends, to clean the home and to ensure that your resolutions are ready to roll. Today, we only focus on the “cleaning the house” piece of the fun. Read on for some quick and easy reminders to ensure that your home is the perfect place to start your new year:

Let’s tackle the kitchen first:

  • Clean your range, your stove top, any surfaces and counters
  • Remove all holiday-esque items that will get lost in the fridge
  • Wipe down all appliances large and small, as well as kitchen cabinets
  • Hide or store all of the holiday baking equipment that tends to come out seasonally

Next up, the bathroom and guest spaces. Yes, we know that a variety of loved ones have taken advantage. We’ve got your back:

  • Freshen up
  • Do a load of laundry, including your towels
  • Deep clean the tub and sink using bleach

Bedrooms are next on the agenda:

  • Add bed linens to the current load of laundry
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor
  • Be sure to check underneath the bed for any items that they may have left behind

Finally, it’s time to tackle your living and social areas:

Voila! You’ve fought the holiday blues and set a clean canvas for the year ahead. Questions? Comments? Give the VIC team a shout.