Considerations for Buying an Older Home

Considerations for Buying an Older Home

October 31, 2017

There are a lot of benefits to buying an older home. There’s history there, if the walls could speak- they’d have tales to tell. You inherently become a part of the history ahead, an important character in the story of the home. In case you’re wondering, the term “older home” can be subjective. In general, experts are aligned that anything more than 30-years-old, qualifies. As with all big purchases, there are still decisions that you need to make, and considerations to keep in mind. Today, the VIC team is discussing three that we feel are important for you to know.

Leaky roofs

There are fewer things worse for the foundation and structure of a home, than water damage. It sneaks in slowly and breaks down every material that a structure is built with. Ensuring that your roof is sound and safe is absolutely critical, not only for your wallet but for your safety and health. The biggest indicator of an issue here would be water spots on the ceiling, but even then, that might not mean that any roof problems abound. Other things to keep an eye out for are missing tiles, unsecured flashing or cracked singles. Make sure that you’re checking out attic space on a regular basis to ensure that there is no water gathering up there.

Outdated features

It’s interesting to see how cyclical architectural styles can be. The mid-century stucco ceiling is a great example. When it was first unveiled, it was seen as this awesome, new, modern twist. Now, it’s commonly referred to as the “cottage cheese” ceiling. Though not as much of a priority, outdated features are definitely something to factor into your budget. Even worse? You may discover even bigger issues inside an older home. Asbestos is a big one that comes to mind. Make sure that you’re doing a thorough inspection, before you consider buying a new property. Luckily, some of these decisions can be fun to make. We’re talking outdated paint colours, cabinets, furniture and plumbing fixtures. Some of these you can even do yourself.

Foundation issues

As you can imagine, foundation issues is a consideration that we take very seriously. The VIC team is dedicated to ensuring that your house, your home, the place where you’ll make generations of memories, is rock solid with no foundation issues. Luckily, this is an issue that becomes apparent very quickly. You can see it and feel it, just by walking around. You can also identify it, when you see dogs or windows that don’t sit properly in their frames, even sometimes not properly closing. Very small cracks, called hairline cracks, are not necessary a game-ender, but we always recommend that you bring in a structural engineer to take a look-see and make sure that you won’t be reinvesting thousands of dollars before you know it.

Questions? Comments? Give the VIC team a shout. We would love to hear from you and bring your dream older home to life.