Different Meanings of Foundation

Different Meanings of Foundation

July 15, 2019

Foundation can be a loaded word and mean a variety of things for different types of people. The team at VIC Underpinners welcomes and relishes this. It’s just one example of us being rather excited when you come to us with all sorts of questions and clarifiers.

The VIC Underpinners team pride ourselves on our knowledge of all things home – beneath, in, around and on. Landscaping? Yes. The fixtures inside your home? Check.  And but of course, every aspect of reinforcing the foundation of your home. It comes naturally to us – and it should, when you’ve been in the business as long as we have. When you’re an expert in any field, you should impart your knowledge, and that’s what we do on the blog. Today’s topic? What does the crux of our business – the word foundation – mean to you.

There’s an emotional meaning and it’s not be dismissed. A foundation is something that you build on and that’s what the team at VIC Underpinners learned very early on. When it’s shaky, you can’t create a good business or team. When it has cracks, you may be looking at issues ahead, so it’s important to stay ahead of them. But when it’s rock solid (and checked in on regularly), you’re fully set up for success. It becomes quite a metaphor when you look at the products and services that we support (another pun intended).

Similarly, foundations are imperative for good individual relationships. This can be in business, but it can also be personal – you build foundations with those that are closest to you. Whether it’s a friend, family member, romantic interest or peer, a foundation is created based on common values and interests. Some connections, in both business and personal, can be immediate. But some take a lot of time to build and end up being the most valuable.

But, of course we have to think about the products and services – and why the foundation is so important to your home. There are all sorts of signs that you need to look for, for the same reasons above, to ensure that the place where you hang your hat is a place that makes you feel happy and safe. We talk about these all of the time. They include cracks in the floors, ceilings and floors, as well as doors that don’t swing shut properly and even excess moisture.

We’re not a one-stop-shop, which can be a big misconception when you hear the word “foundation.” That was part of the reason for us writing today’s post. Every home is unique and the team at VIC Underpinners treats every home like its unique. We may bring in different materials, we may need to spend different amounts of time on different types of properties – the bottom line is that you’ll always end up with a successful result.

Wrapping it all up with a bow – we built a foundation as a team; we’ll build a foundation with you (our customers) and we offer the best foundations for your homes. Can’t beat that, right?