Different Types of Lighting for Your Home

Different Types of Lighting for Your Home

May 15, 2019

We know, we know… our expertise is reinforcing your foundation. Here on the VIC Underpinners team, we believe in doing so through restumping, reblocking and underpinning. Not familiar with any of these processes? You’ve come to the right place. We firmly believe that with a blog, our most valuable asset – our community of customers – will have the knowledge that they need to make some of the most important decisions of their lives.

That’s why our blog doesn’t just focus on the reinforcement of your home, because we know that this is just a piece of the puzzle. After all, a foundation is the base of your house, but your house should always be a home. So, we look at things from the ground up. And we share as much information as we possibly can on this site about every element of your property. Today, that means diving into lighting.

Seems like it should be obvious, right? You walk in, you turn on your lights and you’re good to go. It *should* seem that simple, but that’s rarely the case. A lot of work goes into the decision of the type of lighting in your home, so this post will probably become a series over time. As with any of our content, please reach out with any and all questions. We want to hear from you and customize this site so that takes care of all of your homeowner needs.

On to types of lighting! (part one of probably many):

  • Ambient – first and foremost, you have ambient lighting. It’s potentially the most referenced, because it really creates an atmosphere. To quote many of experts: it’s a softer glow and allows the space that you’re targeting to have lighting without a harsh glare. It’s frequently used in cinematography to create an environment or an emotion.
  • Track lights or recessed lights – These can get a bad reputation because they’re more cost-effective, but that’s frequently because they simply make more sense for your budget and for the space. Aim to use these as a series throughout the space, knowing that they’ll adapt well to all sorts of ceilings. The only thing to watch here, is if your ceiling is low in the room – in this case, you may end up with the harsh lighting that you were aiming to avoid in the first place!
  • Finally, for today… let’s get fancy. Check out chandeliers and pendants when you’re looking to elevate a space. Similarly, to the above- these work better with taller ceilings, but you have more customization opportunities as to what type in the room you’re working with and the look that you’re aiming to achieve. Never place these in lower ceiling areas… especially when visitors are walking in.

Questions? Comments? Let the team at VIC Underpinners know. We’d love to hear from you through email, phone or in-person and helping you with anything that you may need. Look forward to seeing you soon.