What Door Style Works Best for You – Part 2

What Door Style Works Best for You – Part 2

February 28, 2019

Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, wine and a good cheese – what do all of these pairs have in common? They work really well together. They’re vital pieces of the same puzzle, and one always complements the other. That’s how we feel about information that we share on the VIC Underpinners blog. As we put together our different posts, we always think about information that could supplement the fun facts, stories, tips and tricks that we’re sharing. In our last post, we discussed different materials that can be leveraged for your home’s doors. As you may have read, there are benefits, challenges and opportunities with each. A piece of it depends on the style of your home, and a piece of it depends on budget and timeline. Don’t worry, the VIC team is breaking down all of the above. So, since you’ve already checked out the different materials you can explore, let’s look at different styles today:

We’re putting on our designer hats first thing and diving into flush doors. Flush doors are entirely smooth. They’re engineered using either plywood or fibreboard over a wooden frame. This creates a hollow core, which we recommend filling with a cardboard product solution. You’re not going to see a lot of these on the exteriors of properties, instead many times you’ll see them separating different rooms in your home’s interior. They’re aesthetically pleasing, easy on the wallet and can last a long time.

Bamboo is having its time in the spotlight as well. It has replaced wood in many different construction configurations and designs. It’s more sustainable and frequently, its products are easier to navigate and install. Bamboo-jute composite doors specifically can help you drastically reduce your carbon footprint and give something back to the environment. Their list of accreditations is extensive – water resistant? Check. Shoos away termites? Absolutely. And to answer the question that we know is on each of your minds… these doors are an inexpensive option as well.

Another popular style of door is the battened or ledge. It’s stood the test of a time. An image may conjure up the spirit of the olden days, when designs were simpler, and the focus was safety from the outside elements. They’re designed with vertical wood battens which need to reach the height of the door. They can be braced and framed to offer versatility in their look and feel. Economy is definitely the name of the game here – they’re a very cost-effective option.

Finally, we have glass doors. Glass doors are a bit higher maintenance and need to be cleaned/polished on a regular basis, in order for the value-add to your home to be worth it. They’re also more expensive and offer less security to protect what is inside your home. We recommend using them sparingly and to offer beautiful views to the outside of your property.

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