What Else Can a Foundation Mean for Your Home?

What Else Can a Foundation Mean for Your Home?

June 15, 2019

What a broad word – foundation. At base-level, we’re looking at a concrete piece of the infrastructure of your home. Without it, that home – no matter how pretty it may be – will slide directly off of whatever land that you’re living on. It doesn’t matter if you’re living on the top of Mount Everest, or if you can be found further down in the valleys of beautiful Australia – without a foundation, you don’t have much going for you. Can you imagine the house and structure that you spent so much time and effort on slipping away into the valley yonder? Not a fun feeling. While we paint a really fun picture, we come in the clutch with resources like the VIC Underpinners Blog. We know, we know, we’re witty, informative, engaging and entertaining. Come back time and time again to explore a different type of blog post. Today, we’re looking at informative, so push those glasses up on your face and get ready to learn!

A foundation is not just a nice to have. A foundation that’s well-enforced is nice to have. That’s why you’re probably here in the first place. But look at a foundation like one piece of the puzzle – one that’s guaranteed to bring in money and value to the property in which you’ve put so much love.

According to many experts, including SA Homes, “The main purpose of the foundation is to hold the structure above it and keep it upright. On the contrary, a poorly constructed foundation can be dangerous to the occupants and the neighbourhood. With high-rise buildings touching the sky these days, it has become all the more important to have powerful foundations. Therefore, it is highly essential to determine the quality of construction when looking for office complexes, outlets for retail stores or flats for sale in Palakkad or elsewhere in the country.”

Can’t fight with that, can you? It paints the picture of the many boxes that a foundation will check – both functionally and aesthetically. We’re going to keep this series going after this – given the appetite of our enthusiastic fans –but here are some quick reasons to whet your taste:

  • Support: The basic part of any good foundation is to support the load of the entire building.
  • Keep it: Standing and Avoid Havoc: A good and strong foundation keeps the building standing while the forces of nature wreak havoc (read – Mother Nature). Well-built foundations, like those enforced by the VIC Underpinners team, keep the occupants of the building safe during things like as earthquake, floods, strong winds etc.
  • Water: The foundation should always be built so that it keeps the ground moisture from seeping in and thus, weakening the structure.

Like we said, we hear questions like this all of the time. Why is a foundation important? What makes it quality? Our VIC Underpinners promise, is that if you check back in, you’ll find all of the answers.