What are Home Additions and When Are They Worth It?

What are Home Additions and When Are They Worth It?

May 31, 2017

Homes are such an interesting thing. They’re an extension of your lifestyle, your family, your hobbies and your loves. There’s a reason that choosing one can be such a tremendous stress. It’s an investment! And we’re not just talking about wallets. We’re talking about your emotions, your time, your energy, your stress levels! In a perfect world, a McMansion would be ready for you and your loved ones at little to no cost. But alas, today VIC needs to bring you back to the real world. And potentially share some tough love! Today, we focus on home additions.

Do they make sense? Do you need them? Will they pay off in the long end? These are all questions that you need to be thinking about. And if you’re not- never fear, because that’s what (well, one of many things) that VIC is here to support you on. We always want to equip both our current customers and our prospective customers with the knowledge that they need to make the right decision. The key word here- is the RIGHT decision. Whatever moves your neighbor down the street makes, may make zero sense to you. Remember that, and we promise that your stress levels will immediately go down.

SO- home additions. First of all, what the heck are they? Additions can be a lot of things. They can be verandahs and decks that are built either in front of your home or in the back. They can also be brand new rooms for things like studies, bedrooms for new babies, spas (ah! That sounds nice) or even exercise rooms. The theme that you hopefully see here is that they’re built based on your needs and wants.

We recommend adding on an addition if the square footage of your home just isn’t cutting it any more. A brand-new baby room would probably be the best indicator there, potentially followed by a study or multi-purpose room. Spaces for activities like working out and relaxing, while nice, will need to be thought through carefully, because they do eat into your budget.

VIC recommends making a long-term plan as early as signing the papers on the house. Does it have the access square footage where you could make decisions like this further on down the road? If not, you’re going to be dealing with a whole mess of council rules, building codes and potentially very cross neighbors. We strongly recommend avoiding all of the above at all costs. Your one saving grace? Thanks to our decades of experience, we’re happy to take all building and council conversations off of your hands. Neighbors on the other hand… we’re happy to offer advice, but the mediating is your responsibility.

So, two sides to the coin. If you’ve planned properly- financially and otherwise, home additions can be a great add-on to your already dream home. If you haven’t- don’t fret, it’s never too late. Just think it through carefully, and ensure it’s the right decision for you.