Home News for May

Home News for May

May 1, 2019

Do you ever wake up feeling like you’ve totally missed out on something? You’re thinking that there is a nagging feeling that you are completely forgetting to check in on something that’s incredibly important to you? The team at VIC Underpinners gets it. On the business side, that is how we should feel. We should wake up every day, ready to start the day and ready to seize the next opportunity. Personally, we should also feel like there is always room for growth on how we can connect with our customers and ensure that it’s not just their foundations that are sound… it’s their comfort level about the information that we’re providing. One of the main ways we do that? We created this blog and we know that those who check in are getting exactly what they need. That’s why, once a month, we put together a compilation of what’s exciting us on the World Wide Web. Here’s our latest:

Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Begins Dangerous Construction Phase

This first article may seem niche, but it’s a vital reminder to one of the main components of what makes us successful – safety. There’s no question here. We want all of the right equipment. We want all of the right apparel. We want to go above and beyond the standard training to the next level. And so when we see great examples of this, and terrible examples of this, it rings a huge bell in our head that we need to share with you. We’re all familiar with large, metropolitan cities and Las Vegas is a great example. So, when a large structure is in the works, and there are a lot of questions in the evolution, we fall victim to clickbait immediately. Check out this link for more information.

How to Achieve Success After Starting a Landscaping Business

The second article is for all of our entrepreneurs out there. And we hope that there are a lot of you. We know that our company was founded on the spirit that when you go after what you want, and you do so with a hardworking ethic, you’ll be successful. That’s why we have no issues whatsoever sharing articles on our site that support the best ways to create and grow businesses that follow any vertical that the team at VIC Underpinners already supports. In this case, that means landscaping. Check out this link for more information.

Five Emerging Interior Designers From Around the World

Our final article champions people. We will never be the company that pushes down others in the industry. Instead, we’ll be the company that knows that there is no finish line and that when our competitors and the best in the industry succeed, so do we. That’s why we make a habit of profiling pioneers. In this case, that’s specific to interior design and let us tell you… these guys are awesome. We’re looking at five emerging designers from around the world and each brings a unique perspective to what turns a house into a home. Check out this link for more information.

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