Home Red Flags That Need Your Attention Now

Home Red Flags That Need Your Attention Now

May 30, 2020

It’s really easy to blur your eyes when it comes to your home. The VIC Underpinners team is betting that while there are some things that earn your full attention, there are others that you really don’t think are worth your time or your money. The important thing to do is to be able to tell the difference. After all, there’s nothing worse than sweeping something home-related under the rug and later finding out that you made a huge error in judgment. Well! There will be no errors in judgment if you regularly check the VIC Underpinners site and blog. We’re here as experts to not only keep your home safe and sturdy but to educate you and answer whatever questions you may have. And the topic today is those pesky red flags that you really need to keep an eye on, in order to keep your home comfortable, your wallet full and your sanity exactly where it needs to be. Read on for our recommendations:

  • Excess Moisture – Nobody wants to deal with it. It may seem like an easy fix if you even spill a glass of water on a wooden floor, but you know that even if you don’t clean something up of that small scale, it can be a catalyst for all sorts of other issues. Now imagine multiplying that by a hundred and it living in your crawl space or basement. Even if you can’t see it, it will quickly cause issues like mildew, which can even lead to sickness for the home’s inhabitants.
  • Sloped Floors – While these could be great for an indoor game where you’re favoured, it again can be the first domino in a series of other issues that you may run into. We’re partial to your foundations and if you have sloped floors, chances are good that you also have foundation issues, which can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • Roof issues – We hope that you are aware of these as soon as they happen. No matter what the season, your roof is vital and you need to treat it with the love that it deserves. Beyond a huge price tag, your ceiling can cave in, if you don’t check on it on a regular basis. Come cooler weather, make sure that there aren’t too many leaves that are stacking up. Come rainy weather, make sure that all pipes are clear. Come very, very cold weather, you’ll want to keep an eye on the amount of snow or ice that’s building up there.

While these chores may seem like exactly that – chores – you’ll feel loads better and confident as homeowners or renters if you check off a few small things on a regular basis. It’s way better than the alternative.

Questions? Comments? Let the VIC Underpinners team know. We’re excited to hear from you and are always passionate about chatting about your current or future dream home.