Home Renovation News - May

Home Renovation News – May

May 15, 2018

With the seasons changing and cold weather ahead, it’s important to stay in the know about what’s going on in the home renovation industry. Luckily, you’ve already stopped by the VIC Underpinners blog, where we tend to be passionate about everything to do in this arena. While reinforcing foundations is our bread and butter, we know that the importance of our work builds homes literally from the ground up. That means that we want every aspect of your home to be well-crafted and well-maintained and we’re dedicated to supporting you in this venture. So on a regular basis, we try to share bits of knowledge that we’ve seen in the news and around the Web. Whether they’re tips and tricks or stories that may inspire you to get after the next project, this round-up is the place to go.

New Home Renovation Show

There’s a new player in the home renovation news game and building homes is not the job that he’s best known for. In fact, he’s far better known on the racetrack where he’s broken dozens of records and taken home even more wins. He’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. and he’s trying his hand at a new project, which is turns out is pretty well done. It’s called Renovation Realities: Dale, Jr. & Amy and it’s going live on the DIY Network, which is a sister channel to HGTV. The four-part series chronicles the pair renovating a historic home in Florida. If you enjoy television shows like this, it might be worth checking out. You can learn more here.

Patience is Key When it Comes to Renovations

This next article serves as an important, if not repetitive reminder. We all know that (most of the time) home renovations end up being worth it. You’ve put all of the time and energy into them, you’ve had a vision, and you’re finally bringing it to life. But there’s a vital characteristic that you need to carry with you during the process and that’s patience. This editorial takes a candid and creative look at the trials and tribulations, but ultimately the triumph of remaining patient through home renovations. You can learn more here.

Landscaping Your Pool

Out of season, but we can dream right? This next article details helpful ways to navigate landscaping your pool area. Frequently homeowners plan their backyards and then add pools as afterthoughts when they can. That means that there are often trees and large shrubs closely adjacent to your pool or water feature. And when the weather changes, and turns into the cold temperatures that we’re experiencing now, debris can fall into and pollute the pool. It’s not a big deal, more one of those pesky tasks that you need to take care of, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a check off on your to do list that you need to take care of. You can learn more here.

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