House Heroes to Salute Right Now

House Heroes to Salute Right Now

April 29, 2020

What a time to be alive, right? We’re all trying to be creative, patient, compassionate and sane while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our day-to-day lives in different ways. Each of these practices may be a struggle right now, but today the VIC Underpinners team wants us to practice gratitude. There is a TONNE of people working right now and they’re doing all sorts of things that we normally depend on. Some are pretty obvious – healthcare workers, those that are stocking and supporting grocery shops, those that are keeping our public spaces spotless and disinfected, so that we can worry far less about our daily routines. COVID isn’t stopping us in our tracks and we know that’s the case for many of our comrades in the industries of continuing to make your homes safe, comfortable and beautiful. So, today’s post is a tribute to each of these “house heroes”. Read on for more information:

Contractors: “Contractors” is a broad term and that’s for good reason. Contractors cover a broad range of roles – everything from fixing a small issue in one room, to completely rebuilding sections of your home. While cosmetic issues can wait right now, the VIC Underpinners team knows better than anyone that there are structural and design issues that impact the lives of those that live in different homes. Contractors are on the front lines, waiting to respond in a speedy manner and take one more thing off of your to-do list (read, ensure that you’re less stressed).

Gardeners: Gardeners are a little bit of a grey area right now. Sometimes they’re essential and sometimes they’re not. But when it comes to large businesses or the parks that are open, it’s just as much an issue of safety as it is aesthetics to take care of landscaping. On the same front, gardeners are frequently experts in issues related to drainage or lack-of-moisture for grass – so they can step in, in a pinch and solve whatever issue is at hand.

Engineers: Engineers hold a particularly special place in the hearts of the VIC Underpinners team members. We got into this business because we understand that the foundation of your home is literally what holds it all together. Knowing that you may or may not have foundation issues isn’t as easy as eye-balling your home. It takes a certain level of expertise to analyze what the foundation of your home looks like, if it’s in good shape, and if it’s not – what sort of work it needs to bring it up to snuff. That said, there is still a certain level of responsibility on you as the homeowner to start the conversation. It’s their job, it’s how their brains work and if you don’t reach out, you’re most likely dealing with greater issues down the line. So, if you see signs like crooked walls, doors that don’t close properly or excess moisture, give them (or us!) a call.

Questions? Let us know. And stay safe out there.