How Can a Foundation Bring Value to Your Home?

How Can a Foundation Bring Value to Your Home?

June 28, 2019

You came back! We couldn’t be more pleased. If you’re confused, it’s because we’re welcoming return visitors to the VIC Underpinners blog – the place to be, any day of the week. We don’t just say that because we’re biased. We say that, because we strongly believe in everything that we do – and for good reason. The foundations that we reinforce belong to families, individuals, couples, groups: of all shapes and sizes. They own homes that are period-style, contemporary, apartment buildings for rent, or even businesses. It doesn’t matter to us! Come one, come all, and know that the foundation of your home will never be the same, with the help of our underpinning, restumping and reblocking skills. In our last post, we discussed the other ways that a foundation can bring value to your home. They’re things that you don’t think of, like saving water on your bill (and keeping it out of where it doesn’t belong). Obviously, this is the kind of information that our readers should get to have to have all of the time, and this is the best place to find it.

So, let’s read on for more reasons:


We put it in all caps because we should have had it first to begin with! Who wants to buy a home with a foundation that’s less than adequate? After all, if you need to disclose this information when you sell it, and it’s one of the first things that homebuyers will home in on. It means that they need to tack on far more costs assessing the foundation, moving the entire house if necessary and getting all of the work done. Granted – shameless plug – if you work with companies like VIC Underpinning, you’re always going to get the most honest overview of the work, but that doesn’t stop the stop the work from taking place!

The growth of damage

Not put in caps, but equally as important. And that’s why we’re just splitting this post between two – the value of your home, and the work. We’re all prone to look at small amounts of damage and blur our eyes. “It will be okay soon,” we say. “If we just let it be, it will be alright,” we say. Heads up from the team at VIC Underpinners, neither are the case! We commend you for your commitment to beauty and for seeing what’s right in front of you in the best right possible. But that will only do you a disservice in the long-run. When you leave damage all to its own, no matter how small or major it may be at your home, you’re blurring your lines at the price tag and the work. Pass a year, pass a decade, and you’re looking at exponentially more money that’s coming out of your account.

Questions? Comments? Let the team know. We – at VIC Underpinners – are beyond excited that we get to hear from you.