The Importance of Home Inspections - What They Might Miss

The Importance of Home Inspections – What They Might Miss

November 30, 2017

Because we work so regularly with the foundations of homes, the VIC Underpinners team is not only passionate about doing it right, but we’re also eagle eyed when it comes to flaws and errors. That’s why we’re the biggest proponents of properly following the home buying process and one step in particular – home inspections. Though it’s a standard practice, many new homeowners are averse to taking care of it. They’re concerned that it’s not necessary, they’re wary that it costs too much, and honestly- who can know that it’s accurate.

Well, we know who can answer the last one. Home inspectors must be locally and nationally accredited. Do your research, ask for referrals, but just make sure that you get it done. When you neglect your home inspection, you could be moving into an unsafe home. You’re also agreeing to shoulder any home renovation costs moving forwards, regardless of who was at fault.

On board with getting a home inspection done? Great. Let’s take this one step further. The VIC team loves sharing nuggets of knowledge with our valued customer base. When you have the right knowledge, you can make the best-informed decision for you and your home. That’s why we want to share what even the experts may miss. Consider this your handy checklist:

Structural damage

Make sure that you’re asking about the following terms:

They’ve all got something in common. They can all lead to foundation movement. We’re not biased; structural issues should be the first thing to take a look at. If any issues are called out with any of the above, make sure that you bring in a secondary engineer to get the job done right. (We hear that VIC has some good ones…)


We know that no one likes them, even under the best of circumstances. Termites can be the product of many other issues with the home, including structural damage, and water and drainage. If you live in Queensland, you’ll want to be extra vigilant here, due to the warm and wet climate. Fumigate any areas with termites; they can wreak havoc on your home.

Water and drainage

The kicker here, is that water damage can be totally avoided with proper maintenance of your home. Those pesky chores to clean drain pipes and look after standing water are small investments to make sure that you don’t need to re-pipe your entire home. It’s vital that your inspector is very detail-oriented when it comes to the water and drainage portion of home inspections. Things as small as a fallen tile or shower leak can become much bigger problems down the road. So, next time a family member reminds you to properly mop the floor, just say yes.

Stay tuned for more insider knowledge, to ensure that you’re set up for success during home inspections. Questions? Comments? Let us know. The VIC team would love to hear from you.