January Home News

January Home News

January 26, 2020

January brings many things. It brings slightly cooler weather, new opportunities and a warm welcome to 2020 from VIC Underpinners. Don’t believe us? Check out our last post. We know that there are a couple of things that everyone is hoping for in the coming weeks, namely a huge decrease in the warm and dry weather that has caused the largest outbreak of brush fires in recent memories. For all of those impacted, we send our best thoughts and are here to offer direction to any resources that you may need. We hope that this year is much more positive and we’re here to help. A tiny piece of this puzzle is the regular updates we share on home renovation, construction, landscaping and interior design. It comes with the territory of reinforcing the foundation of your home… we need to know – and want you to know – exactly what’s going on out there in these different industries. Read on for our favourite Web finds this month.

HICPA… raise your hand if you’ve heard of it. No, not many of you? We’re not surprised. We live in an acronym friendly day and age and that’s why the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act may sound just a bit more familiar. It’s the act that you need to know about because it protects you from contractors who aren’t following the rules. We hope that there aren’t that many out there, and we know that there are none at VIC, but they do exist. Components of the act cover compliance with local law, registration and any necessary fees. The act also discusses penalties if you don’t comply. While only currently covering certain areas, we’re sure that ideas like this will expand quickly. Check out this link for more information.

In contrast, this next article takes place right in our backyard. We all know that we love to partake in reality television. Over the past decade, a niche has even been carved out in relation to home renovations. In fact, it’s been carved out pretty extensively, to the point where those that binge on these shows don’t know where to turn. Well, we know that we have lots of great local and national inspiration that can help you weed through the noise. This article discusses the shows that you should want to watch, and equally as important – those that you don’t. Visit this link to learn more.

And, not to end on a negative note, but it always bears reminding to think about tragedies and how we can improve situations in the future. We’re talking of course about the fires. When anything like this happens, you’re going to want to think about the best ways to protect your home in the future. The embers are the big culprit here, especially as they travel far and wide in this warm, dry weather. Any gaps in your home’s structure greater than two millimetres and you’re not setting yourself up for success. Check out this link for tips and more information.