July Home News

July 15, 2020

What were the highlights of the week for you? Did you finish a project, or even start one? Did you embark on a new adventure, finish a new project at work or connect with loved ones? In the “new normal”, creativity is essential for sanity and happiness, but so too is consistency. The VIC Underpinners team prides ourselves on consistency – we’re consistently the best in the industry, we’re consistent about improving and enhancing our skills, and we’re consistent about communicating with you! That doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate creativity. In fact, we love to be creative about the ways that we connect and engage with you. When we first decided to launch this blog portion of our site, we knew that we were on to something, and one of our mainstays is our round-up of monthly home news. Here’s the best of July for you to learn from and enjoy:

Whether you work in the construction industry or are following the COVID-19 pandemic in general, it’s been eye-opening to follow what will succeed and where the opportunities are. While many wonderful businesses have unfortunately had to go on hiatus, others are seizing on other evolutions like that of technology. This article in particular touches on a tool that will ensure that projects are completed on time, despite many other variables in play. Bonus? It’s all touchless, removing barriers related to health concerns. It’s called Safe Site Check-in and it just launched last month. Check out this link for more information.

Some of us are assuming the worst right now, but our recommendation is to channel those emotions and learn from objective sources so that you have the most information. The Caribbean is seeing the start of Tropical Storm Season, so it’s only natural that homeowners around the globe are thinking about flooding and protecting their homes and businesses. It’s not enough to assume that you’re at high enough ground, or that someone else has done all of the pre-work for you. This article details exactly how to confirm whether your home is susceptible to flooding. Click here to learn more.

And finally, we know that many of you are spending a wee bit more time on the couch or in your comfortable chairs. You may be surrounded by children, or turning your social spaces into office environments, but research has frequently shown that the television will likely be on in the background – at least for some of the day. So, why shouldn’t you be loaded with recommendations from the pros about both current and upcoming shows that you can appreciate? We’re biased towards those that deal with construction and homes, and this one looks like a great option to add to your line-up. According to Forbes, “Build Me Up on HGTV is the home renovation show the world needs right now. Featuring interior designer Orlando Soria of Unspouse My House and Secrets From A Stylist, every episode shares the story and home renovation of someone going through a major life transition.” You can read more here.