June Home News

June 15, 2020

With the temperatures being so chilly, there’s all the more reason to stay inside and catch up on your VIC Underpinners blog news. Yes, we know that that means that you’ll probably be couchbound for a while. In fact, we’re depending on that. Not only will exploring our site educate you on why we’re the best choice to help reinforce the foundation of your home, but it will also teach you a thing or two about other elements of your home. We’d be doing a disservice to both you and our business model if we didn’t share our passion for the other elements, practices and products that can ensure your home is beautiful, safe and comfortable. Studs to ceiling, garage to backyard, easy, informative and engaging reading resources can be found right here. Today, you’re especially lucky, because we’re doing the searching of the Web for you. Here are our favourite articles of the month:

If you’re tracking on the green building movement or you’re passionate about sustainability, this article is for you. Low carbon concrete is the latest popular material, and this means a lot to us, as we look for durable materials that will always reinforce your foundation. Here’s your science fun fact for the day – the recipe for concrete is water, a material like gravel or sand, what we call an aggregate and cement. Out of the three of those, one has the greatest impact on the environment. You guessed it… the cement. So, it’s great when we find a material that limits your carbon footprint. You can read more in the article here.

If you’re joining the ranks of those interested in future energy sources, then this article is definitely for you. Three are lots of different types of energy sources in the world, and energy sources in general have a storied history. Thanks to technology, science and creativity, experts are beginning to push the boundaries as to what’s coming next. But, we’re guessing that you wouldn’t put air and liquid in the same name when it comes to this next battery innovation. This article details a UK project that will use spare green energy to compress air into a liquid before it’s stored. Learn the details here.

If you love landscaping as much as we do, then we have an article for you. We spend a lot of time outside and it really gives us a respect for what anybody to do with landscaping has to complete in order to make so many homes so beautiful. While articles like this are evergreen (yes, yes, always pun intended), we did appreciate the timely reminders of how to keep your outdoors looking so beautiful. Bonus? There are emotional and psychological (sometimes even physical) benefits to premium landscaping. At the very least, it will encourage you to spend some time in the great outdoors. At best, you’ll be very proud of the work you put into this investment. Check out more information here.