What Kind of Costs Will You Incur?

What Kind of Costs Will You Incur?

November 29, 2016

This question makes many uncomfortable, regardless of what it relates to. Money has become a taboo subject in this day and age, but VIC want to put a stop to that. Conversations about cost should follow our ethos about communication- consistent and transparent. After all, when you’re equipped with the right know-how about the services being rendered, you can rest more easily, knowing that you procured the best rate for the services being completed. Yes, there are many companies who may balk at this idea, or push this conversation out as much as possible. We’re aware that they exist, but we want to push against this norm. With VIC, you can always feel comfortable asking questions and seeking clarifications about our process, materials, and final result.

Bottom line, if underpinning is necessary, there’s no getting around it. We’re fortunate that it has come about as a solution to so many foundation problems. There were days when underpinning wasn’t an option, and foundations didn’t last nearly as long or as well. In fact, sometimes houses would need to be demolished, just because the foundation had issues. The best way to get ahead of this, is to keep an eye on your doors, walls, floors and windows. If you see any cracks, we recommend calling a contractor immediately. It never hurts, only helps, to get a professional’s opinion.

Who has earned the title “professional” in this space? There are several professions who are qualified to assess the situation. They include concreters– who specialize in underpinning and can give you a ballpark quote, and structural engineers who can assess the entire house and give you a comprehensive report. While underpinning professionals may be less expensive than structural engineers, underpinning professionals ultimately rely on structural engineers to give you a complete picture, so in the end, it helps to have both on board. Luckily, when you work with VIC, you’re supported by a full team that’s comfortable and experienced with all things underpinning related.

It’s tough to give one cost for underpinning services, because each home that we work on is just as unique as the customers that we work with. Instead, keep in mind the following factors, which can all affect the bottom line:

Type of soil- there are several different common types of soil in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Each absorb moisture in a different way, which can affect the strength of the foundation.

The materials needed- depending on the size of the situation, different reinforcing materials will need to be brought in, to ensure that your home is as structurally sound as possible.

Access to the property- this might sound like an odd one, but depending on the design of the neighborhood, some homes are just not easily accessible. They require teams to bring in ramps, or special trucks to deposit materials and begin the underpinning process.

When in doubt, give the VIC team a call. We’re happy to walk through the status of your property with you and determine the best solution.