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Making Your Home Safe and Comfortable from the Ground Up

December 18, 2018

The VIC Underpinners team is all about making your home safe and comfortable from the ground up. Weird – it’s like you just read that in our blog post title. Well, it’s important to us. And it’s important for us to partner with companies that feel the same way. If you’re newer to the VIC Underpinners community of customers, we welcome you and are ready to explain exactly what that means to us. We are Melbourne (and the surrounding areas) best-in-class solution team for reblocking, underpinning and restumping. We are dedicated to finding the processes and materials that will reinforce your foundation. This is what we mean, keeping your home safe and comfortable from the ground up. But today’s post isn’t about your foundation, it’s about the floors of your home. That’s why, today, we’re partnering with Geocrete, a company that is just as passionate as we are about foundations, about your floors.

As we mentioned, we don’t think that there’s a trade-off between safe and comfortable. We think that looking good isn’t a bonus, it’s a necessity. The Geocrete team feels the same way and we’ll let them take it from here.

Geocrete has a promise, that they’ll create a truly unique and durable polished concrete floors for your next project. And the VIC Underpinners know that that’s no small promise to make. They don’t apply a topical surface to the concrete that serves as a mainstay to your home. Instead, their finishes are guaranteed to last at least ten years through the durable, unique and refined surfaces that they’ve spent years refining. They keep an eye on technology, they keep an eye on the processes of grinding and densifying and they definitely focus on polishing your concrete to a refined finish.

The VIC Underpinners team isn’t one to normally showcase others so passionately, but even with a quality foundation in place, your floors are the next step and again – we’re all about setting the customers that we care so much about, up for success.

There’s a reason that they need to be safe and comfortable. They need to be easy to navigate for every family member, regardless of age. They need to be something that you’ll be proud of whenever family or friends come over for any kind of gathering. And you need to know that you can count on them so that you won’t need to switch them out as more and more generations of loved ones enjoy the home that you’ve built.

Lots of questions, we’re sure. And luckily, you’re set up for success. When you work with either of our teams, you’ll be equipped with the best in industry customer service, products and installation.

Questions? Comments? Give us a shout. You can reach either team on email, through phone or even in-person, if that works best for you. And make sure to check out the Geocrete site for all of the information around the best polished concrete installation and maintenance around.