Asbestos 101

What You Need to Know About Asbestos – Asbestos 101

June 15, 2017

It’s a word that tends to make people shudder when they hear it. “Oh, you’re dealing with asbestos — you poor, poor thing.” Because of reactions like this, families are far more averse to sharing what they’re dealing with it. This may not have negative repercussions if you’re just talking to a close friend or relative. But if you’re not comfortable sharing your situation with the pros, you could be dealing with much bigger issues, further on down the line.

Even beyond that, with so little information out in the open, it’s tough to really know how serious it is, or even how to mitigate it. What exactly is asbestos? How does it creep into your building and manifest as a growing epidemic? Do you need to do anything about it? What exactly should you do about it?

It frustrates the team here are VIC, that our valued customers don’t feel like they can release the hounds and ask a plethora of experts in the area. You should feel like contractors and companies like us are your partners in crime for all things related to the structure of your home or business. We got in to this line of work, because we care deeply about your safety and comfort when you head home after a long day. So today, we’re sharing a crash course on asbestos 101, so that you never feel uncomfortable, asking these questions again!

If asbestos has been a part of your past—or heck, maybe even your current scenario–, you know that it’s not that much fun. If even the term is brand new to you, welcome to Asbestos 101.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is the common name that you’ll hear most frequently in everything from scientific articles, to ads with mitigation products. But hey, if you’re feeling fancy, we’re happy to indulge. Asbestos is actually a collective term for six minerals called… fibrous silicate. These minerals had to have very specific characteristics to be included in the fancy asbestos umbrella. These characteristics include flexibility, high tensile strengths, chemical resistance and insulation properties, no matter what the outside temperatures. You probably look at this list and think, hey none of these sound all that bad. There is one that stands outside of the bunch… the fibrousity. Dun, dun, DUN!

How to Spot Asbestos?

Now more than ever, experts are making asbestos identification a standard part of any home walkthrough. But thanks to this handy dandy tutorial, you may be able to see the warning signs. We’re looking for teeny tiny fibres, similar to white flakes. If you see these on your walls, on your ceilings, even on your floor—it’s time to make a call to the experts. The biggest fear is if you or your loved ones ingest asbestsos. This can lead to health concerns as serious as cancer.

We didn’t write this article to scare you! Hopefully by now, you realize that VIC Underpinners and each of our teammates are your partners in crime, when it comes to adventures like this. We educate early and we educate often. We ensure that you’re fully equipped to make the important decisions that will ensure that your home is a safe haven where you’ll build dozens of memories. It’s up to us to make sure that said house is safe and comfortable so that we can take these things off of your to-do list.