Optimize Your Homes Energy Use

Optimize Your Homes Energy Use

September 28, 2016

VIC prides ourselves on keeping a small carbon footprint. We look out for our own, we look out for our environment, and we try to educate our customers so that they do the same. We strongly believe that when we come together as a community, with the same goals and principles, we can make a difference for the world that keeps on giving back to us.

We tend to take advantage of a lot of raw and natural materials. It’s the way to go in our book. After all, if we can tell you where we sourced our materials from, tell you the whole story of our process, then we’re only enhancing the transparency that we aim to bring to every conversation that we have with our customers. It’s a beautiful cycle. When we’re good to our environment, we can feel good about telling you how we do our work. When we can feel good about telling you how we do our work, we’re sharing our passion and hoping that we pass it on just a little bit.

And it can be so easy! Creating a smaller carbon footprint, enhancing the eco-friendly aspects of your home and yard can take very little time and actually save you money in the long run. Here are some inexpensive ways to renovate your home while keeping the world around you in mind:

Create cheap insulation by installing rugs throughout your home. Also keep in mind that the fastest way to lose heat is through lack of insulation in your walls and ceiling. While you probably don’t want to wallpaper your walls and ceiling with shag carpet, foam insulation can limit your monthly heating bills and keep your family and guests much more comfortable and happy when they visit. Bonus points if you look into draft-proofing. Draft-proofing is a minor upgrade which can limit your energy bills even more- up to a whopping 25%!

Take a good look at the efficiency of your windows. Natural light and large windows can be huge draws for those in the housing market. However beautiful your windows may be, if they’re not efficient, then they’re working against you and not for you. Did you know that you can lose more than 40% of the heating in your home through windows during winter’s coldest months? Brrr….sounds chilly. On the other end of the spectrum, you can gain more than 80% additional heat during the summer if your windows aren’t optimized for energy savings. Never fear, this doesn’t need to break the bank- you can look into cellular blinds or thermally-lined curtains and pelmets to make a big difference.

Think of the three R’s when you think of water- reduce, reuse, recycle. We’re not talking about anything gross here, but water is a limited resource. It’s becoming more and more limited each year. We recommend incorporating a rain water tank into your septic system. You can even use this water to hydrate the beautiful plants in your garden. Worried that you’re losing too much hot water? Set the middle position to cold!

Keep these basic tips in mind and you’re well on your way to limiting your energy use.