Whats in Our Toolkit

What’s in Our Toolkit?

October 15, 2019

A toolkit can be a very personal accessory. While some women (and men) love their purses and handbags, others can see just as much value in a toolkit. Maybe it’s one that you carry around, maybe it’s one that you can sling over your shoulder… it doesn’t matter – it’s important to you. We’re talking quality and quantity, the same filters that we tend to impart on everything that we do. Yes, it’s important for us to do a tonne of business. It’s just as important for us to share a tonne of valuable information for our customers on our VIC Underpinners blog.

Why? Because there is no point in us hoarding information. We know that we’re the best in the business, but we want to bring our customers along for the ride. If you’re equipped with the right information around creating your dream home, not only will you be more comfortable – but you’ll be more excited about the projects ahead. There is such a misconception around the stress of doing any sort of home renovations, when in reality: home renovations should be exciting, something that you look forward to.

And that’s why we want to equip you for success. Hence, why we thought today would be a great day to share exactly what should be in your toolkit. Any project, big or small, needs tools, and there are some necessities that you should have. Read on for more information:


You have to have them. There are all sorts of different varieties in the market and that can be intimidating. Here’s the secret sauce… find one with interchangeable tips, this way, no matter what the challenge is that you have at hand, you’ll have the right tool to solve.


We know that when the neighbours are using one, the banging can be incessant, but don’t knock it until you try it (yes, hammer humour right there). Hammers are an integral part of home renovations, they provide the pressure that you need for hooks, nails, etc. – all of the different ways to hang and display items that may mean a lot to you. Again, there are an abundance of options in the market… look for a 16-ounce claw-style hammer and you’ll be happy that you did.

Tape Measurer

Today is just all about the trifecta; it’s all about the three items that you really couldn’t live without. You can get creative with many other elements of home renovation projects, but these three really can’t be duplicated in any other sort of way. So, we end today with the tape measurer, that almighty tool that ensures that whatever you’re building is sized in just the right sort of way. Yes, there are apps. Yes, there are rulers, but nothing beats a tape measurer that folds up in your pocket and you can take anywhere that you please!

More to come here, stay tuned. And reach out to VIC Underpinners with any of your questions.