Why it is Possible to Remain on Budget

Why it is Possible to Remain on Budget

September 30, 2018

Budget is such a dreaded word, isn’t it? It’s right up there with bill, and diet, and homework. And yet, it’s a necessary evil to ensure that you can actually pay for all the good things in life. Here at VIC Underpinners, we know that your budget can be a roadblock to get the work done that you want to, and more importantly – the work done that you need to. As a part of our company mission, we always want to ensure that we’re setting our customers up for success and making sure that you not only feel comfortable with the project you’re about to complete, but excited about it. Sure, we understand that your foundation isn’t something that creates immediate curb appeal or something that your neighbours can compliment you, but without it, you’re looking at much bigger problems.

While this post’s goal is rooted in budgeting properly for your foundation upkeep, let’s take a look at the broader picture. You have a home renovation project in mind, and the one thing that’s stopping you is that feeling like you won’t be able to stay on budget. You haven’t even attempted yet, you just have an inkling that it’s not an endeavour on which you’ll be successful.

We’re going to stop you right there and explain why it is possible to remain on budget.

It’s possible because you prepared. You took a look at your finances and you now know exactly how much money you have to work with. Be frugal here, because thanks to many innovative solutions on the market, a dollar really can stretch a long way. You should also be frugal because then you’ll be pleasantly surprised later if you have money to spare. Or, in most cases, you’ll be relieved that you saved in the beginning, should the project end up costing you more than you initially thought.

It’s possible because you did your homework. Don’t move forward with the first contractor you research on any project. Ever. They may turn out to be the right fit, but there’s a good chance that they might not. Don’t just leverage how they promote themselves on their Website or in advertising. Ask around and ask those that you trust most.

It’s possible because you were realistic. Thanks to the internet and revolutionary updates in photography, most can make a photo look professional. That doesn’t mean that their results were captured realistically. Keep an open mind about the project that you’re about to embark on and exactly how far your dollar will stretch. Those photos may actually depict shoddy work. Conversely, the work that went into the projects that you’re looking at, may cost you far more than you’ve budgeted. Set expectations and stick to them so that when your project is complete, you look back on it with confidence and enthusiasm.

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