A Quick and Easy Weekly Chores List for Your Home

A Quick and Easy Weekly Chores List for Your Home

March 28, 2020

Chores list? That doesn’t sound like a fun topic to discuss. Also, didn’t you stop by the VIC Underpinners blog to learn more about the foundation of your home and the best ways to ensure that it’s safe and sound? We’re here to let you know that this team can help you with all of the above. Yes, yes, we’re the best in the business when it comes to restumping, reblocking and underpinning – after all, your foundation is a big investment and we take a lot of pride in knowing that we’re contributing to one of the most important parts of your home. But we love sharing information about the rest of your home as well – including keeping it safe and tidy.

There’s a heightened sensitivity around the globe right now about cleanliness, and with that comes a lot of stress. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t look forward to cleaning your household regardless. But, when there’s a quick and easy checklist, it is that little bit easier. Read on for our recommendations on items that can be done at the end of the week and cross off your chores list.

  • Wash all bedding. If you have any access to a washing machine and dryer, you can throw it in. Make sure that you divide by colour. Check off other activities for the morning. Check on it once or twice and know that you’ll sleep far more soundly when it’s complete.
  • Clean your floors. You can sweep, vacuum or mop, depending on what sort of material your floors are made from. That’s where the vast majority of dirt and grime congregate. Much of it we don’t even see until it adds up! Spend ten minutes around your different rooms and you won’t need to worry about any sort of germs.
  • Don’t let the laundry add up. Before you know it, it will be spilling out of your laundry basket and just creating a bigger and bigger headache for you. This is another area where you’re going to want to ensure that you separate colours. If you’re looking for product recommendations, especially if you’re searching for organic or natural, this is a great article that you can check out.
  • Keep an eye on your garden or landscaping. It’s not just about the inside of your home. After all, if you’re proactively keeping an eye on your garden or landscaping, you’ll be even more equipped to spot cracks in your foundation – our biggest passion to fix. That being said, there are an abundance of other things that you should check around the great outdoors: move the lawn on a regular basis, especially when the weather is nice, water all of your plants, get strategic about the flowers that you’re rotating in… and then sit back and enjoy your handiwork.

Questions? That’s what we’re here for. Reach out to the VIC Underpinners team with absolutely anything that you need.