A Season of Gratitude at VIC Underpinners

A Season of Gratitude at VIC Underpinners

November 15, 2018

Oh, the holidays. While some may fear them, many look forward to them as the best time of year. It’s your opportunity to get together with your nearest and dearest and revel in the (hopeful) successes of the past year. These may be professional, and they may be personal, all that matters is that you have your closest family and friends around to help you celebrate. You get a lot of bonus points if you have delicious food and drinks aplenty.

We have a lot to celebrate on the VIC Underpinners team and we have a lot to be grateful for. We’ve got many weeks ahead to cover off on the whole celebration thing, so today we want to focus on being grateful. We are so, so grateful for 2018 and all of the years prior. This company was built on a foundation (pun intended) of ensuring that your home is safe, comfortable and beautiful from the ground up. But our company was also founded on a bunch of different values and priorities that we all share as teammates.

You’ve helped us embody these each and every day. It’s not hard when your customers are the best around, but you’ve certainly helped us in this space. It doesn’t matter how many companies there are in the area and beyond that you could choose for your restumping, reblocking and underpinning needs. We respect these companies tremendously, but you should know that you made the right choice in picking the VIC Underpinners team for your needs. You chose us because of the aforementioned values and priorities and we’re able to embody them because of you. It’s the best version of the chicken-and-egg cycle around.

All of our values drive gratitude. They include a commitment to communication, a continued promise to be transparent and an ever-present need to always improve to meet your needs. We don’t think there’s a finish line to perfection, we will always chase better products, better processes and updates to our communication style.

We would like to think that we remain grateful for each other and for you all year-round, but the holidays invoke an extra incentive to remember to. We invite you to share in our gratitude and give back this season. It doesn’t matter how much, and it doesn’t need to be money. Charities around the country are thankful for anything that you can provide and more often than not, it’s the time of volunteers that they need. Here at VIC Underpinners, we have a myriad of interests and passions in the community, and we can each contribute to them in our own special way. Whether you give back by yourself, with family and friends or as a team at work, here’s hoping that you can make this holiday season as special for others as you’ve made it for us in 2018.

Stay tuned for more festive blog posts and let us know if you have any questions.