Spotlight on Rooms Your Kitchen

Spotlight on Rooms: Your Kitchen

August 30, 2019

Here’s one of the many cool things about VIC Underpinners… we’re well-versed in every aspect of your home. While you may think that a foundation is solely something that lies under your basement or the lowest level of your home, that’s simply not the case. Foundation damage impacts every room of your home and it’s your job to explain why.

The VIC Underpinners team started because we knew that we that we had a lot to bring to this industry. Be it the materials that we use and how sustainable they may be, be it the processes that we keep trying to improve, or be it the teammates that we’re so proud to support – ones with decades of experience and the desire to continue to improve and enhance your experiences… you’ve got it all!

There’s a bonus here – our blog! We thought it would be a great idea, to once a month, showcase one room in your house and how to ensure that it’s perfectly safe and stable. What better room to start with, than your kitchen? It’s a grand place to join as a family or community of friends and bond over memories that will last a lifetime. Here are our tips:

  • Clean it regularly! We may sound like your parents here, but it’s the best way to take care of your kitchen top to bottom. While it may look beautiful and neat, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be checking every surface of your home on a regular basis. Don’t think that this has anything to do with your foundation? That’s where you’re wrong. It’s the best way to spot the warning signs of any damage.
  • That brings us to our next tip – looking at the warning signs in your kitchen! There are easy steps and experiments that you can oversee to determine that you don’t have any foundation damage and that your home is safe and sound. The easiest is to look at your floor. Take an orange or any round fruit or vegetable and roll it from one end of the space to the other. If it *does* roll, you have yourself a tilted floor, which can easily be a sign of foundation damage. Likewise, if you’re steaming or boiling things frequently on your stove and you’re seeing cracks in the ceiling, it’s time to have a serious conversation with a. Company like VIC Underpinners.
  • Finally, look at the doors. Are they swinging open and closed properly when you have family and friends over? If so, great. If not, this is another tell-tale sign that it might be time to finally reinforce your foundation. This isn’t a conversation that you should be nervous about. At least, it shouldn’t be, if you work with a company like VIC Underpinners. We know that there are dozens of other options, but we do know that we’re the best. Even if your door doesn’t close all of the way without an extra little shove, it never hurts to seek expertise from those who know best.

Questions? The VIC Underpinners team is here for you – in every way. It doesn’t matter the size or type of your question. We guarantee that we’re here to be your partners-in-crime for the conversation. We’re excited to hear from you.