Staying On Top of the Home Design App World

Staying On Top of the Home Design App World

January 24, 2017

More and more, technology plays a role in every part of our lives. It’s right there with us, when we wake up at the beginning of the day. It follows us around as we check things off our (frequently cloud-based) to-do lists and advises us when we run into life’s largest challenges. At the end of the day, when you think it’s time to kick off your shoes and enjoy time with your loved ones, you would think that you’d also be saying goodbye to technology for the day, but that’s not the case.

At home, you’re on it more and more by choice, as technology guides your consumer decisions and preferences. This means that it’s no stranger to the home design application world. In fact, it’s been deeply rooted in this area for a while. Because home design can be stressful, and apps were created to mitigate stress. Let’s walk through VIC’s three recommendations for apps to check out the next time home design begins to stress you out.

The first app on our agenda is one for those who can appreciate a good box of crayons. They can appreciate the spectrum of shades between eggplant and Barney purple, they love their colors. It’s called ColorSnap. It’s a way to test drive your paint chips without ever putting them on the walls. In fact, ColorSnap is so savvy that it can mock up what a paint color will look like in your living room, WITH the furniture and décor in the room. This is a great way to a much more dynamic look at your future home spaces.

Interior Desigsn Ideas by Houzz, should come as no surprise to anyone. After all, Houzz is one of the biggest hubs of design ideas out there. It simply made sense that they expanded into app territory. We’re talking about the perfect partner in crime, for your home renovation process. This app has dozens of photos and ideas for your next project.

Finally, Magic Plan is dedicated to those home owners who just aren’t completed sold on the layout of their home. Maybe they have issues with the flow, or with the existing feng shui. Whatever the reason, a map would come in handy. Enter Magic Plan, with the capabilities to create a true-to-size map of your home. It’s created using photos that you’ve taken of both the house at large, as well as the individual rooms. You can even use the more than 400 objects in the app, to replicate items that you truly have in your home. Once you get this bird’s eye view, you can begin to determine if you truly want to go through with that home renovation project.

Do these apps get the creative juices flowing? Are you ready for your next project or are there apps that you turn to in the creative process? Let us know, the VIC Underpinners team would love to hear from you.