Staying Stress-free During Home Repairs

Staying Stress-Free During Home Repairs This Year

September 1, 2020

If you take a gander at the scale of most stressful events you can go through in your life, home repairs are right up there with marriage, divorce, and buying a home. It doesn’t matter if you’re married, we hope you’re not going through a divorce, and if you’ve bought a home – all we have to say is, “congratulations!” Life is complicated, and the best way to get through it with a smile on your face and all of your savings properly taken care of is to leverage the relationships you have around you. We hope that you can count the VIC Underpinners team among these trusted colleagues. We certainly tried to ensure as such with both current and prospective customers. Yes, you probably stumbled upon the site, because you’re thinking about reinforcing the foundation of your home. We are quite good at that. (That’s an objective opinion throughout the area and the industry). But you got so much more than you bargained for, because when you work with us, we both work for you and with you, so you’re completely involved in the process beginning-to-end. That means that we like to provide much more information than just that around reinforcing your foundation and that’s what we’re doing today.

Today’s topic – stress. It’s no fun, it comes in all shapes and sizes and it can be really tough to figure out how to handle. It probably shows up in multiple posts on the VIC Underpinners blog because we want to show that we hear you and understand, that you’re not alone and that we can help you navigate. Here are a couple of quick tips as we head into an unprecedented end of the year 2020.

Can you believe it’s already September? As such, we only have a few months left, before we can put quite a year in the rear-view mirror. That won’t stop stress from rearing its head, especially if the home repairs you’re tackling are quite large. Here are our quick tips for the day, but know that our ongoing commitment is to keep posts like these, top of mind for our valued base of customers and friends:

  • Let those closest to you know that you’re embarking on home repairs. This is important because undoubtedly you will become upset at a certain point and we take out our emotions on those that are closest to us. If they know what’s going on, they’ll be much more understanding.
  • Take some time each day of the process just for you. Not with your partner, not with your friends, just for you. You most likely have had to deal with spreadsheets, plans and budgets and you need to clear your headspace. Take a walk, a bath, eat something delicious. It’s your time.
  • Go into the process with a buffer. Definitely negotiate with your contractors the lowest and best price and shortest timeline you can – we’ll never argue against that, but in your mind, create a buffer, so that you’re not angry or disappointed if the time or money exceeds your expectations.

Just three for the day, but hopefully they allow you to exhale a little bit. The best tip we can always offer is for you to call the VIC Underpinners team. We’re here to help.