The Science Behind Home Design

The Science Behind Home Design

July 31, 2020

The VIC Underpinners team prides ourselves on a lot of different skills, but we’ll never over-stretch when we promote exactly what we bring to the table. Could you put us in the “architect” bucket? Sure. Could you refer to us as “home experts”? In a sense, absolutely. And while the work that we do to reinforce the foundation of your home is a science, we won’t yet put on the white coats and assume all of the credit that the term “scientist” receives for all of the important work that they do in different areas.

That said, the term “the science of” is used more and more frequently and it’s used to refer to the thought process behind something that’s been really well thought out. It’s been tried and tested, researched, shared and hopefully, ultimately – successful! The title of today’s blog post is a great example. The layout of your home wasn’t designed in a lab, but it was thoroughly researched over time. What room goes where? How does the flow of a home work for different types of households? It’s fascinating stuff and our blog is diving into it today.

First things first, what creates the best and most welcoming entrance into a home? Experts have found that the wider and more open a foyer or reception space, the better the mood and atmosphere when visitors come calling. They don’t need to awkwardly slink in and figure out where to put their belongings, rather, they can immediately appreciate the beauty of your home. Bonus points for a fun piece of art placed prominently – something you can see both as you leave and as you return.

There are a couple of rooms that you want immediately accessible and there are a couple of rooms that you probably don’t. You won’t frequently see bedrooms adjacent to foyer areas – both for privacy with any front windows and for noise and comfort, given the amount of traffic coming through. Conversely, rooms where you most often socialize like living rooms and dining rooms have value being in the front of the house. Since they’re rooms where you host visitors, you probably spend a lot of time and money, investing in making this area a statement. In the middle of the spectrum you’ll find restrooms. While you want one that’s a quick jaunt from your front door, science has shown that it’s not the best first impression to have immediately inside your home’s entrance.

You may have a single-storey home and you may have one with many flights of stairs. Historically, most bedrooms have been upstairs if that’s an option, but there is a lot of value in having some sort of guest space on the main floor, especially if the person using it has difficulty using stairs. If your bedrooms are upstairs, aim for a restroom 1:2 ratio. That means that for every two bedrooms, you should try and have a restroom, so that there’s not too much sharing and unrest.

As with all of the exciting topics that we cover, this is just the starting point. We’ll make sure to continue to cover this topic in a future blog post. Until then, if you have questions – be sure to let the VIC Underpinners team know.