Thinking About a Backyard Renovation? Here are Some Things to Keep in Mind

Thinking About a Backyard Renovation? Here are Some Things to Keep in Mind

September 22, 2016

VIC Underpinners is passionate about making your home or business the best that it can possibly be. This goes far beyond the underpinning jobs that we’re known throughout the industry for. This feeds into our general desire to be experts in home design and renovation. We have this passion for many different reasons. First and foremost, we find absolute importance in educating our customer base. We want you to feel like a valued part of all discussions, from brainstorming to installation. Transparency is key in any relationship and when you’re clued in on the process, on the materials, on the trends and news of the industry, then you’ll be able to ask all of the important questions, and get the answers that you deserve.

This means that from time to time, we’ll focus on general home renovation and maintenance on the blog. What makes houses tick? What’s the best way to weatherproof them in any season? What’s the best way to capitalize on a tonne of outdoor space? We want to share this knowledge with you. Have a topic that you’ve been dying to learn about? Let us know. VIC Underpinners is always thrilled to hear from you.

SO. Today we focus on your backyard. As the weather (slowly) starts to heat up, it’s time to start thinking about that expansive area of land beyond your home or business that’s been dying for some TLC. Here are some tips and tricks that we recommend keeping in mind once you’re ready to tackle the great outdoors:

  1. Create a tie between your interior and your exterior. The poor backyard becomes a bit of a second priority in any home renovations. After all, you assume you’ll be spending most of your time inside. If you plan ahead and create some kind of continuity between the interior and exterior, not only will you impress houseguests, but you’ll give yourself more incentive to get outside and enjoy your dose of Vitamin D.
  2. Remember the details. It’s easy enough to know that you want to install a pool outside. It’s also easy enough to forget that the terrain in your backyard is sloping and leveling will cut into your budget massively. You need to paint a big picture and then fill in all of the details. If you do so, your renovation will go smoothly and stress will be minimal.
  3. Take advantage of your natural terrain. Aforementioned example excluded, sometimes your backyard plays directly into your home renovation plans. You just have to let it. Stop trying to get rid of that grove of rare orange trees. Instead, work around it. Sometimes your greatest asset is what is already built by Mother Earth. (Often your cheapest too!)

We could go on forever with the best ways to navigate home makeovers. Our passion is ensuring that your home or business is a place that you’ll make a lifetime of memories.