Underpinning Hole

What VIC Underpinners Has to Offer in 2018

May 31, 2018

While we are already halfway through the year, it never hurts to stop and take a minute and debrief you on what’s going on in our world. It’s been a busy year and we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a myriad of awesome clients. Your properties range in size and style and each project is special and unique to us. We give the biggest thanks to each of you who referred us on and helped build our customer base – we appreciate you more than we can say.

For those who have been coming to the VIC Underpinners blog for a while, you’re probably pretty familiar with the services that we offer and the projects that we’re most proud of. But for those of you who are newer, we thought we’d take this opportunity to walk you through what we have to offer as a company, and why you should choose us over the competition.

At a base level, we’re a best-in-class underpinning company in the Melbourne area and we’re passionate about reinforcing the foundations of your homes and businesses. As mentioned, we work with properties of all shapes and sizes. This means sloped lots. It means multiple lots. It means lots with water damage and lots that haven’t seen water in ten years. Your home, though you may not realize it, is not built directly on the ground. It’s built on a framework of stumps and poles that carry it deep into the earth’s foundation. When this job is done wrong, the result can be catastrophic. It means that there’s a great likelihood that your home goes sliding down a hill the next time Mother Nature decides to say so. It can also mean that your house can slowly tilt or buckle over time, which is evidenced by symptoms like doors not closing properly, windows not fitting their frames or cracks in the ceilings, walls or windows.

We offer underpinning services which are as unique as you and your property. And we take the time to evaluate your property, to determine your specific needs and to communicate with you on these on a regular basis. Fortunately, we’re Master Builders certified as well as Registered Building Practitioners. You can feel safe working with us because not only do we guarantee our work for 15 years, we even hold $20 million in liability insurance, no doubts should you not be satisfied with our work.

One of the biggest and most frequent questions that we hear again and again, is do I need to move out of my home? No! It’s very rare that we’d have occupants move out of a home, instead ensuring that your life can remain the same while we reinforce your foundation. We believe that our work should revolve around your existing routines and that making an important update like this should not affect that.

Questions? Comments? Let the VIC Underpinners team know. We can’t wait to hear from you and help turn your house into a home.