Smart Home - What’s Going on in Home News?

What’s Going on in Home News?

December 15, 2018

From time to time, the VIC Underpinners team likes to take a step back from offering the best restumping, reblocking and underpinning services around. We know – it’s a bold statement – but it’s one that we stand behind as we continuously aim to learn, improve and share. Sharing is exactly why we started this blog on our site. We kept finding ourselves having passionate conversations about what’s going on in our world; which company is sourcing breakthrough materials, or shaving days off of services offered to our customers. We would find ourselves reaching out to each other at any hour, excited about landmark projects or new technologies. We knew that we needed a place where we could do this, and that you could experience it with us. So we’ve made a point to regularly consolidate the best of the World Wide Web, right here on the VIC Underpinners blog. Read on for the finds that we think will be the most entertaining, engaging and informative for you:

Owning the Smart Home

We’ve been talking about this for decades – how in just a short while, cars will fly, perhaps even humans will fly, and homes will speak for themselves. It excites some and terrifies others, but it’s taken a while to get here. That being said, technology is making great strides in the home space, even with small wins like the introduction of applications and devices that can handle your day-to-day chores for you. That’s what this article is all about. Google takes a look at the past year and the innovations that hopefully make life at home a little bit easier for you. Check out the article here.

4 Ways the Smart Home Needs to Improve in 2019

Sensing a theme here? In the spirit of being objective, we thought it also made sense to share an article about the areas of opportunity for this growing trend. Technology is powerful and “with great power, comes great responsibility.” (Name the movie). This article takes a look at four specific areas where it makes sense for experts to take a second look and improve a couple of things. Check out the article here.

10 Home Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

These change and evolve every year, but in the next 365, the Washington Post has taken a hard look at where designers, builders and homeowners are putting their most concentrated efforts. They range in investment, both time and money, but they’re already popping up all over the world. Highlights? Backsplashes, copper accents and “tuxedo kitchens”. Not sure what a tuxedo kitchen is? We’re not giving anything away. Check out the article here.

As always, this blog is here for you. Are there areas of information that you’re dying to learn about? Are there questions that you need answered about the best ways to turn your house into your dream home. This is what the VIC Underpinners team is here for. Email, call, come visit us in person. We’re excited to hear from you.