Women in Construction

Women in Construction 2019 – Part 1

November 15, 2019

We want to kick things off by saying this is truly a “part 1” of a series. Just to pique your interest about other articles in this vein that we will continue to share.

We try to do this every year and we should do it more often than annually. Keep us honest – this will be a goal. Women are a huge piece of the construction business and for very good reasons. In future posts, we will look at specific women who are really making a big difference – in a variety of ways.

VIC Underpinners is the biggest proponent of everyone succeeding in construction, and that’s mostly because we’ve put so much work in this space.

While we mainly focus on reinforcing your homes’ foundations, we know that that’s just one way to turn your house into a home. There are just so many and it’s important that we discuss them all. We know that proper construction of your house is the best way to create lifelong memories for everyone that’s most important to you.

But it starts at the source. And by the source, we mean the foundation.

We’re so grateful that we’re a family-run business because it reinforces the values that we hold so near and dear to our heart – one of which being that we really appreciate everyone that we work with. In this day and age, we think it’s incredibly vital to celebrate each of our teammates, and today, that means the women in construction in this year. We’re going to do a couple of different posts, and today, we’re focusing on the different categories that women in construction can fit into. Read on for more information:

There are six different categories, that we borrowed from Finance Commerce:

“Industry Leadership – the C-level company leaders or entrepreneurs responsible for the company mission, vision and overall results

Outstanding Tradesperson/Craftswoman – great at their work and giving back to the industry and community

Outstanding Project Management/Estimating – great at their work and giving back to the industry and community

Companies to Watch – Companies on the move and on the rise. Think revenue growth, new product development, a start-up getting traction, or a large corporation with a new initiative, increased hiring, training or new process that will result in future growth

Outstanding Service to the Profession – those facilitating the success of others through education programs, association work, advocacy, board leadership, etc.

Professional Services – Lawyers, Architects, Engineers paving the way for their clients and the industry”

Thank you, Finance Commerce!

It’s so cool to see the different categories that women in construction can win awards in. As you can see, there’s a variety, and we’re big proponents of each. Have a woman in construction that you recommend profiling on our site? Send her information our way. We love to share these kind of stories.

Questions? Comments? Again, please reach out. It’s the best way for us to start the most important conversations with prospective and current customers about their dream homes.